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with Your Custodial, Housekeeping & Event Needs

Environmental Services & More

Major Floor Work

Our trained team offers complete floor care. Accounting for both flooring type and space usage our services including scrubbing, buffing, striping, waxing and sealing

General Housekeeping 

Let us maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and care in your facility's washrooms, classrooms, kitchens and offices as well as event spaces, gymnasiums and common areas

Carpet & Furniture Shampoo

Our experienced team will help you keep your carpet and soft furnishings looking their best while eliminating allergens and bacteria through regularly scheduled maintenance 

Event Coordination 

Let our qualified custodial team help you or your clients ensure every event is safe, structured and successful from setup to tear down with our before, during and after clean prosses  

Enhanced Cleaning & Pandemic Mitigation

Your safety is our priority. Let us help you feel confident and protected in your workplace or learning environment 


Weather you are changing offices, reconfiguring shared spaces or reorganizing high traffic areas our  safety trained team can help. IT move assistance may also be available 

High Dusting

Our fall protection and lift safety trained professionals will keep your facility in top shape removing dust, dirt and bacteria from difficult to reach areas and surfaces

Waste Stream Management

We insure that your facility is not only clean and in compliance with all bylaws and regulations for waste in your local area but also striving to meet your sustainability initiatives

Glass Cleaning

Our team offers thorough cleaning of exterior and interior windows in addition to the cleaning of doors, panels and other general glass surfaces in your facility

Client Plans

Customized Plans

Let's Find a Solution that Works for You


Reach Out to Us 

Tell us a little bit about you, your facilities and your Environmental Services goals 


Let Us Know Your Needs

Together we'll develop a tailored client plan that suits your facility, schedule and budget


Let's Start Working Together

We'll put the plan into action, creating a smooth transition for you and your clients

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